About Me

Usama Varikottil

Application security engineer.

I assist companies to safeguard all categories of data by finding security vulnerabilities in their applications, systems, and networks.

The primary way I secure clients is by penetration testing all the assets of their company. I discover the vulnerable feature, study its risks, and guide the entire team to prevent the security issue.

I used this approach in helping Clockify to safeguard 2+ million users by detecting 2 critical vulnerabilities in their API. Before this, I secured 150k+ legal professionals via discovering a serious security issue in the Clio web application.

I still work as a freelancer today and have helped 25+ companies so far.

Interesting things about me

  • I love self-talking all the plans, goals, stories, and feelings.

  • Foods that are vehicles for pickles are my favorites.

  • Been enjoying gym workouts lately, leg day is the best day for me 😉
  • I camp on mountains frequently with my fellow humans

  • I’ve worked for 6 different part-time jobs before I turned 18

  • Guiding people is one thing that gives me immense gratification. Working on improving this skill.

Hi, I’m Usama

An application security engineer.